9 Access to financial services

SZKB’s primary area of activity is the Canton of Schwyz, a predominantly rural area with 30 political municipalities. SZKB deliberately maintains branches and cashpoints in these areas to ensure the basic provision of financial services there, in line with the slogan of «Seit Generationen. Für Generationen. Gemeinsam hier vor Ort». In addition, SZKB also offers its clients financial services via digital, mobile and other sales channels. 

SZKB knows its clients. At the same time, 99.4% of SZKB clients live in Switzerland and 80.7% of them in the Canton of Schwyz. Only 0.6% of SZKB clients reside abroad and are passively served by SZKB. SZKB does not actively cultivate markets abroad. SZKB complies with the relevant regulatory requirements (namely provisions on automatic exchange of information, the Qualified Intermediary Agreement, the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act) and implements these appropriately and adequately, taking into account the respective client structure.

Basic financial services and products are open to all sections of the population. There are no discriminatory exclusion criteria.

In 2022, as in 2021, SZKB had 22 branches (including its headquarters) and 52 of its own cashpoints, corresponding to 0.17 branches and 0.39 cashpoints per 1,000 adult inhabitants of the Canton of Schwyz. SZKB is the Bank with the highest presence and accessibility in its home market of the Canton of Schwyz. SZKB is also one of 24 members of the Association of Swiss Cantonal Banks. The Swiss Cantonal banks have more than 2,000 cashpoints throughout Switzerland, all of which are available free of charge to SZKB clients who have an appropriate debit card.

The majority of SZKB’s locations are accessible to clients with limited mobility; where this is not yet the case, this aspect is taken into account in the context of conversions and new buildings. All cashpoints are barrier-free and can therefore be used by people with disabilities without difficulty or the need for assistance.

SZKB offers its clients a modern e- and mobile banking solution. On this basis, clients can conduct their banking transactions (including payment transactions and securities trading) conveniently, easily and securely from home and on the go. The modern e- and mobile banking solution offers SZKB clients complete transparency about their financial situation at all times.

In addition to other digital services, since 2022 SZKB has also been offering its clients a solution with which payments can be made conveniently and securely via smartphone using the Bank’s own TWINT app.

SZKB also offers access to a wide range of additional, innovative solutions for private and corporate clients, such as offline and cloud-based software for integrating payments into accounting systems such as Swiss21, Klara and Bexio.


SZKB relaunched its website in 2022. The SZKB website is barrier-free, making it accessible to people with visual, hearing and mobility impairments.

In accordance with its slogan «Seit Generationen. Für Generationen. Gemeinsam hier vor Ort.», SZKB attaches great importance to demonstrating client focus that is tangible. This is reflected in ongoing further development of the branches as well as the SZKB digital channels.